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What are our users reading? Here are some of the most read items in Select from the last week.

PubMed Search: imaging & microscopy in vivo
To enable multimodal in vivo and ex vivo optical imaging of the biodistribution and tumor accumulation of core-crosslinked polymeric micelles (CCPMs).In Nanomedicine (London, England)
PubMed Search: epigenetics microrna
Epimutations are heritable and reversible cell markers, which can influence cell function going beyond the effects of DNA mutations. They result from multiple and coordinated mechanisms able to mod...
PubMed Search: Stem Cells peptide
Stem cell therapies, which aim to restore neurological function after central nervous system injury, have shown increased efficacy when a tissue engineering matrix is implanted with cells compared ...
PubMed Search: stem cells neuron
The nervous system is comprised of a vast diversity of distinct neural cell types. Differences between neuronal subtypes drive the assembly of neuronal circuits and underlie the subtype specificity...
PubMed Search: immunoassays antibody
All of life is regulated by complex and organized chemical reactions that help dictate when to grow, to move, to reproduce, and to die. When these processes go awry, or are interrupted by pathologi...
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