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What are our users reading? Here are some of the most read items in Select from the last week.

Springer protocols: Microbiology
Critically ill patients who display a systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) are prone to develop nosocomial infections. The challenge remains to distinguish as early as possible among SIRS...
PLoS Medicine: New Articles
by Danielle C. M. Belgrave, Raquel Granell, Angela Simpson, John Guiver, Christopher Bishop, Iain Buchan, A. John Henderson, Adnan Custovic Background The term “atopic march” has been used to ...
PubMed Search: Genotyping
The simultaneous interpretation of serum ferritin level and transferrin saturation has been used as a clinical guide to diagnose genetic hemochromatosis. The Hemochromatosis and Iron Overload Scree...
PubMed Search: genotyping plant
Marker-assisted selection (MAS) refers to the use of molecular markers to assist phenotypic selections in crop improvement. Several types of molecular markers, such as single nucleotide polymorphis...
ScienceDaily: Latest Science News
A new study, which may have implications for approaches to education, finds that brain mechanisms engaged when people allow their minds to rest and reflect on things they've learned before may boos...
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